Virtual Tours

This sample is provided as a simple demonstration of options with presenting your interactive virtual tour.

Direct Link Option

The link below is a sample of a direct link to the single folder containing all files necessary to host/run a virtual tour.

CloudPano Example

3DVista Example

It is preferable to embed the virtual tour folder into an iframe container as in the example below.

iframe - Embedded Container Option

This sample was embedded using an iframe container to demonstrate how the tour can be easily added to your website.

  • Using the menu icon in the top right of the tour window, you can activate the menu and jump to other sections if there are any.
  • Using the gear icon in the bottom right of the tour window below, you can switch to full screen view, hot spots can be turned off/on, the tour can be shared to twitter and Facebook, etc.

CloudPano Example

3DVista Example (Customizable Menus and Content)

Standalone Option

Runs directly from your desktop - no software required.

Built With 3DVista

With this option, an executable is provided that can run on your desktop. This is ideal for sharing offline and carrying it on a USB drive or harddrive. It contains everything to run the virtual tour on any PC or Mac. No internet connection needed. Just open and start using it.

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