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Offering fully customized solutions with eye-catching design to help your business succeed online.

I’m dedicated to providing you with creative technical solutions to help take your business to the next level! By creating a unique process, I ensure that your business objectives are met and success is achieved.

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Give me a shout and experience first hand how you can rely on my commitment to your success!

Website Design

I’ve been developing, enhancing, and maintaining technical solutions at competitive prices for over 20 years. With the resources, vision, and expertise to design your website with integrity and style, I offer effective and creative website design solutions that are attractive and functional, fall within your budget, and meet your timelines.

Understanding what a client really wants is typically one of the most difficult tasks for a designer. That is why before starting any project it’s essential to get the right preliminary information from you. I provide you with a Website Design Questionnaire up front, and your answers to the key questions enclosed will be invaluable to streamlining the design process. An interview with you to go over your responses will help us to define the initial direction of your new website based on a clear understanding of your vision, type of business and requirements. With this information, we will be able to work quicker and more efficiently to meet the desired goal and deliver satisfying results. Request my Website Design Questionnaire today!

Website Design Projects

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Logo Design

Your logo represents and embodies your organization’s brand or corporate identity and it fosters immediate customer recognition. Take advantage of an amazing logo design to set your new business branding into focus with flair!
“It has been almost a year since our website, has been up and running and it has been receiving phenomenal feedback. We love everything about our website, the colours, the mood, and the structure. Clients have been remarking on the ease of navigating through the site, as well as, complimenting the overall look and noting that it’s unique among other websites of its nature. This is all thanks to Kevin Charlebois. When we first approached him with what we wanted we had a vision and an idea of colours but no idea how to put it together. He came up with a design and format that exceeded everything we were imagining. He handled all of our questions and concerns with the utmost patience and professionalism. We have watched our business clientele grow rapidly with new messages generated daily directly from our website. I would recommend to anyone who is looking to start up or expand their business to contact Kevin Charlebois for their website needs. If you ask, he will build it, they will come.”
Donna Beker
“Having worked with Kevin over the last few years, we have always been very impressed with his customer service, knowledge base & work ethic. Whether it is a small change we are asking for or a large scale project, Kevin is always happy to take on the task and offers advice, solutions & real guidance. Service like this is hard to find. Kevin is trusting individual who takes pride in his work & the relationships that go along with. We highly recommend Kevin from a professional standpoint, but also as an upstanding & exemplary individual.”
Amanda & Jeremy Walter
Boss Design Ltd.
“Kevin Charlebois has provided services for my company over the past four years. The quality of his work, his dedication to detail, work ethic and ability to get the job done quickly is honestly next to none! I have very high expectations yet Kevin has always exceeded them hands down. Without hesitation I'd recommend him to anyone!”
Stephen Price
Dream Travel Canada
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